Lounge Furniture

These days we spend increasing amounts of time relaxing and enjoying leisure time with our family and friends. The lounge is very much a focal point for enjoying activities with loved one, and an aesthetically pleasing room with stylish décor and carefully chosen furniture can really enhance the lounge, creating a conversation point too. 

Our expert team can help design and create the most beautiful and stylish contemporary or classic lounge furniture for all of our customers based in the Essex and London areas. We put different materials to great use to hand make fitted and stand alone furniture sets and one off pieces that really stand the test of time.

We can design and build many styles of bespoke furniture to store all of your gadgets without making your lounge look like it is filled with wall to wall furniture. 

Fall in love with our beautiful hand crafted furniture that is designed and built with your specific needs in mind. We have a purpose built facility where our craftsmen work continuously to please our clients. Bringing you unique furniture, superbly professional installations and a chance to enhance your home and bring out your true personality.

Not only are our expert team are able to create unique libraries that will compliment your collection of books, Bluerays, DVDs and CDs - giving you a cleaner looking, neater storage solution.  

They can design shelves, functional storage, sideboards, side tables, coffee tables and much more.

Some of the products we have been asked to design and create include sideboards, coffee tables and more:

  • Alcove shelves and storage
  • CD and DVD storage solutions
  • Sky Box units
  • Sideboards
  • Coffee tables
  • Television display units
  • Toy chests
  • Linen chests

Having bespoke furniture in your home can really help in awkward or non-standard sized rooms. We’re design experts and create unique furniture that fits perfectly into the space you wish it to be placed.

We can create the item to precise measurements that help it slide seamlessly into place, whilst adding a touch of your own personality to the pieces. The diversity of bespoke furniture is enormous, it really is up to you how you wish your piece to be designed. By opting for a unique design, you can truly transform your home.

Because we use a variety of materials, and build items by hand, all of the products we make are long lasting – they’re pieces you can keep and admire for many years to come.

We’ve a flexible service, because we know how you like to have a great deal of choice. Teamed with a superior support service, we’ll keep you informed all the way through the process.

We invite you to call us to discuss your requirements further. Challenge us to create well designed pieces of lounge furniture that you simply haven’t found anywhere else. Our no obligation design service is exceptional, and we use only the most highly skilled tradesman that have been selectively chosen to work with us.

Complete peace of mind for you, teamed with our best personal and professional advice 01268 418 704

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